A few days ago I posted a blog about monthlies – setting up a calendar. Today I want to get a little more specific and hone in on the week.

As in previous examples of the monthly calendar, there are several ways of laying out a weekly spread. There are some who, again, are very minimalistic, and others who prefer to dress it up in a fancy dress and shoes before they are done. Some like to include tasks and goals, and others like to include weather forecasts and trackers. As I have stated before, you will learn what is important to you and it might take a few tries before you are able to fall in to a routine.

Here are a few examples I have found on Pinterest:

Bullet journal weekly layout spread:

My weekly layout keeps me focused and is really the heart of my #bulletjournal system.:

Ready for next week. Decided to keep the same weekly spread but I added some colour to it.:

I like this version of a weekly layout - https://www.instagram.com/p/BCYFG5thnXP/:

“#planwithmechallenge Day 15: Focusing  I'm trying out a new weekly spread in my #bulletjournal this week. This won't be replacing my dailies but rather a…”:


Weekly layout:

And here is one final one – mine. Please remember that I have a large notebook so I can fit so much more on my layout that fits in the smaller ones.


As you can see, I have the days of the week and a small water bottle so I can track how much water I should be drinking each day. I have TONS of space to make notes, write Bible verses, collect quotes, etc. I found that if I put the weather forecast on the next day, it would inevitably be wrong, so I scrapped it. I didn’t really care about that one aspect anyway. Weather can be so unpredictable.

Also, just a quick note – that was last week’s spread. I have changed it already and I will probably tweak it again the week after. I will post my new spread later  in the week.

So, there you have it.

What did you think of these spreads. Did you find something that inspired you?

Post your pictures to share with me in the comments below. I would LOVE to see your progression!




I really like shock appeal, huh?

Today I would like to take just a few minutes to address another component in your Bullet Journal – the monthly calendar. In the Bullet Journal community, these are called monthlies.

So, again, as with everything that I have stated before, the calendar is done to what works for you. It might take a few different tries, but you will eventually find your niche.

So here are a few examples that I pulled off of Pinterest. You can see that there are different styles and degrees of complexity. There are grid calendars as well as list ones. It will depend on your preference, which one you use.

Some are basic and others will include a goals list or a task lists. Some have also included a “tracker.” More on that later.

On the list of pretty things I won't be making.....  I don't need a better system, I need art classes! (and a better system) ~T:

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread:

Monthly Spread Stencil Bullet Journal Stencil fits by Moxiedori:

minimalist-study: “ 2016 bullet journal!! i did a yearly overview (inspired by x) and a january monthly spread in my moleskine squared notebook (ridiculously priced but it’s sO CUTE) i will be posting updates of my bullet journal as the year goes...:

The monthly spread from this Bullet Journal is fantastic! I like that it's a regular calendar so I can pull information from it quickly since it's a known format. There's still room for those monthly to-dos and having the monthly habit tracker on the same page is interesting, although I'm leaning toward giving that its own page.:

“#planwithmechallenge Day 2: February Monthly  Think I've figured out how I'd like to have my monthly intro spread. Wanted a list calendar to put events /…”:

You can see that some have used lots of color, yet others have decided to keep it simple. The goal of the bullet journal is to make your life simple, not complicate it.

Maybe you like to have a larger grid-style and want to use the entire two-page spread for that. Then you can use the next pages for your tasks and goals.

So, what do you think? It is your turn now. Show me what you are working on! Oh, and don’t forget to continue to number your pages and include this in your index.

And if you don’t mind, if you are enjoying this blog, please let me know. I would like to know if you would like to continue learning about bullet journaling.

Where To Start

OK – some of you might be wondering why I chose this graphic to start this post. Well, first of all, any time I can find something Italian I gravitate towards that. Second of all, for those that don’t know what this is, it is the creation of man painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I cried when I saw it in person.

So, anyway….This is where we are going to start – at the beginning. The creation. The creation of your very own bullet journal. Something only YOU can do. I hope you have your supplies. But even if you don’t, not to worry. keep reading and maybe you will get some more ideas and it will buy you a little time,

Let’s start here. This is a quick overview of how the idea of bullet journaling got its start. A man named Ryder Carroll put ideas together. What did you think of that video? Is it something that you think might be interested in?

One of the bigger names in the bullet journaling community is a woman by the name of Kara Benz. She has a company called BoHo Berry and has a blog and YouTube channel. She is the first one I started watching and reading about, so many of my ideas I got were from her. But…..

….since then I have watched dozens of YouTube videos and have seem so many great ideas that I am so excited to share with you. I also have pictures from my own bullet journal and I am hoping you all will share with me what you have learned and discovered.

How many of you have one of these tucked away in your purse? Is it big enough?

Do you have a calendar hanging in your kitchen somewhere, maybe on your refrigerator? Do you have another one at your desk? And what about all of those post-it notes of things that you need to remember to do? Are they scattered all over – like the video showed? Do you have a journal? Is it hard to keep track of everything because you are constantly duplicating everything to each calendar?


That is what bullet journaling is all about – keeping everything paper-related in one place where is make sense to YOU.

If you want to make sure that your information is in your notebook is safe and will not be lost, I suggest you put your name and contact information on the first page. Some people even offer a reward if it is found. I supposed that would be a good idea if you have valuable information in it.

So, let’s get started. The first thing you are going to want to do is have an index. So, on the first sheet of your notebook, after your name page, write “Index” at the top. Now some notebooks might already have that. If so, that is great! Less work for you. Do not number down the left side just yet. That will come in a bit.

Here is what mine looks like after I messed it up and then covered it with another page. IMG_6327

Next you are going to want to have some kind of “calendar” with the days. Start with this month. Don’t wait until the beginning of the year to start your journal. Have fun now. The video did NOT show this being done, but I find it helpful in the long run.

Here is how I did it, but you might watch some videos and come up with your own way, or you might find a small calendar in the store you can cut out and tape in.


See? I started in July. Depending on how big your journal is, yours might take up less space. I happen to have a large Leuchtturm 1917. (Just because I like it.) Remember, each of us is at a different place, so don’t be concerned about not have what someone else has.

Now, we need to do a future log. The purpose of this is just so we can get a better view of each month and specific things we need to remember. This is how I did mine, but remember, you might want to do it another way. Maybe you want to have more room to write stuff for each month and so you will have more pages dedicated to this.


Now the last thing for today is that you are going to start numbering your pages. Go back to your calendar and start there. Then add them to your index.

OK – now you can go back and add things to your pages if you want to. Color? stickers? quotes? Or nothing at all. It is totally up to you. Don’t forget to spend some time adding your things to remember to each month. Post pictures in the comments and let’s see! Nobody is judging – let’s see how different each of us is. This will be fun!


For those of you that have decided to follow along with me on the new “Bullet Journal” venture, I thought I would dedicate this particular post to supplies.

Keep in mind that this will be a place to keep all of your planning and lists. You can record everything during your day that you either want to remember to do, or those things that you did. You are able to make this whatever you need and want it to be. Nobody can tell you what is the right or wrong way. Okay?

There is something that I would like to mention here that I have rarely seen on any of the videos or blogs that I have looked at – and there are TONS. The whole idea of a bullet journal should not be stressful, and it shouldn’t put you in debt. I know that might sound silly, but I have seen supplies that might cost some a month’s wages. Please do NOT let others tell you what you should or should not do. This post is going to be informative only and you will need to decide for yourself what you are able to do. Remember, this is a tool to help you become more organized. It should not turn out to be one more thing that will take up so much of your precious time that you can no longer do what you need to get done. Make sense?

Let’s get started. Choose your supplies and in the next post we will get started putting things together.

Here are basic supplies:

  • Notebook – of any kind
  • Writing utensils – pens, pencils (probably not markers at this point)
  • some kind of straight edge

Simple, right? So look through your cabinets and drawers and see if you have these items laying around. It might be good to start here and play around with what you like and don’t like. That way if you think you mess up, you won’t feel guilty, right?

Step up: These supplies are for those that maybe have already been journaling and have a few extra supplies already laying around the house. Purchasing these will add to the cost, obviously.

  • Notebook with thicker paper (you can find this at department stores or Barnes and Noble usually has some in their discount aisle) Think about size here. Will you be carrying it with you all the time, or will it stay at home)
  • Writing utensils – fine sharpies, gel pens, Micron markers
  • Some kind of straight edge
  • Miscellaneous – stickers, Washi tape

Next step up: This is for those that have the money to invest and want to spend it.

  • Notebook – there are so many to list, but you can start by researching Amazon for Moleskine, Leuchtturm 1917, or Midori. Or while you are at Barnes and Noble, browse the notebook section. They have some wonderful designs. Just make sure you are getting thick, quality paper and that you get the style you like, whether lined, blank, grid or dotted.
  • Writing utensils – Now you can use Fountain pens, Farber-Castell markers, and Staedtler markers – both color and black. Depending on the paper quality, you might even be able to get away with watercolor paints.
  • Some kind of straight edge
  • Miscellaneous – Stickers, washi tape, rubber stamps, inks


OK – How are we doing so far?

I wanted to give you a quick peek at the different kinds of paper to which I was referring. There are typically four different kinds of paper – ruled, blank, grid and dotted. You will want to think of how you want to use your bullet journal. If you love art and creating, you might prefer the blank or dotted paper. If you are basically going to be writing in it, as in journaling or making lists, you might prefer the lined or grid. Everyone has their preferences. Look at the size of the space in between the lines as well. Do you tend to write larger? Get something that will accommodate that. Do you like writing on the diagonal, not necessarily left to right? Then get the blank pages. See where I am going with this? Here are a few samples of the kinds of pages:


Also, consider the size. You might like the small sizes, but you might need the larger one because you have many tasks and activities to keep up with. If you plan on keeping it in your already bulging handbag, the smaller sizes might work better for you.Will you be taking it to church to record sermon notes and write down the announcements? Keep that in mind as well

There you have it.

I will be back in a few days to talk about our first entries and what we are planning to do with this new Bullet Journal of ours. In the meantime, in the comments below, tell me what your plans are with your bullet journal. How are you going to use yours? What size did you decide to get? What supplies did you find? Post your pics! I want this to be our journey together. And if you already have one going, tell me how it is working out for you.

If you haven’t already done so, go back and read my previous post about how I got started. Maybe it will give you a little inspiration or insight.

Until next time,


Something Old/Something New

Did that title make you think of a wedding? Well, that isn’t EXACTLY what I want to discuss with you today. What I do want to share with you is my “marriage” with my bullet  journal.

Okay, that probably sounded very strange to some of you, didn’t it? Well, I did try to go for a “wow” factor here to get your attention. Have you heard of this new phenomenon of bullet journaling? If you have, then you are already ahead of the game. For those of you that have NOT heard of it, then you might be amazed. Or maybe you will just yawn and move on. Either way, I wanted to share something with you, that I believe will change the way you see planning and organizing. Well, it did for me, anyway.

I am a writer. I write. I write everything! I am a list-maker. I journal. I take notes in my Bible. I have a notebook for Bible studies. I have a notebook for extraneous notes. I have a notebook with contacts. I have a notebook for each of my stories.

IMG_0637 IMG_0635

I have always wanted to be more organized in my planning and I have always loved to make lists – ask anyone that knows me. So the end of last year I got fed up with calendars and planners that weren’t big enough for me to put everything in them that I wanted. I did some browsing online and ran across a company that was charging, what I thought, was an exorbitant amount for a planner. There were sheets that could be downloaded and I took some of those ideas and made my own. I went to Walmart and bought a grid composition notebook and a roll of duct tape in my favorite color. I figured that I would be using the notebook all of the time and that duct tape would make it virtually indestructible. So I meticulously cut the tape and covered the entire cover, inside and out. I thought it was beautiful. Then I made a pen loop with duct tape and a paper clamp. It was a little tedious but in the end I was entirely satisfied!

OK – so I used this notebook and loved it. I did have some “issues” with it, but I figured that it cost me all of a few dollars to put it together, so I wan’t really out anything.

I think my biggest problem was that I was thinking too long-range. I filled out the whole notebook for the whole year. Then I got a brilliant idea and got tabs for the edges so I could find the right month. I was really loving this! Then I added some more tabs for the rear pages that held all of my contacts, blog post ideas, wish lists, etc. This was REALLY going to work for me.

But here was one of my problems….I had already written on many of the pages and couldn’t use them any longer. And I found I either didn’t like or need what I had already written. There was no turning back.


I kept thinking, “I just have to get through the rest of the year and I can start over.” For the most part I loved my ingenious idea. I loved the size. I loved the grids and the spacing. I love that I could use my coloring pencils and stickers and washi tape to make it colorful. I loved it because I could wipe it down if something accidentally spilled on it. It was the perfect concept and I was so proud that I had thought of it all on my own! Or did I?

OK….I think I might need to add something in here….

I type fairly fast, but I prefer to write longhand. I love the feel of the pen in my hand and the way the thought flows from my brain, through my arm, to my fingers and out on to the paper. It is as much a part of me as, well, my fingers. I realize that many would not agree with me, but I guess that is one of the things that makes me unique.

So let me wrap this up for today. I have old ideas of a calendar, address book, notebooks, etc. (“something old”) and I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with it all. And then one day someone mentioned the words “Bullet Journal” to me and it sent my mind to reeling and my Pinterest page to flying! I was enthralled – even maybe a little obsessed. But I had found my “Something New” and now this marriage of those old and new ideas, running rampant in my brain, is taking over and forming something beautiful. Something I will discuss…next time….

And by the way, I know I mentioned a few terms that might be unfamiliar to some of you. Please be patient. I will post pictures as well as descriptions of some of the items in the next post. In the meanwhile, in the comments section, let me know if you want to learn some new ways to better organize your time or if you have been journaling.

Your friend,