Time in a Bottle – WHAT?

Time is something that none of us really have enough of. But why would I, as the old song goes, store time in a bottle? Does the artist truly think that would be enough? I certainly don’t! I am thankful that my God is not bound by time as we know it. But still….why does it seem like I just don’t have enough in this life?

Each one of us on this earth has been allotted the same about of time each and every day. But why does it seem like some people accomplish more? Are they all smarter than I am? Possibly. I just need more time to take care of my family, clean my house, go to my doctor’s appointments, make sure my family gets to their doctors’ appointments, spend time with my dad – acting as his advocate, spend time with my mom at her house – helping her accomplish things that she cannot physically do alone, work on my writing project, and try to establish my business as an editor. And on top of all of this, still maintain a full-time job. Oh, and don’t forget that I also need to sleep. Can it even be done?

I wake up every morning, stressed over the day because I never seem to have enough time to accomplish everything that I feel needs to be done. I know many have that same stress. I KNOW that the Lord is in control. I KNOW that He is the Creator of time. I KNOW that He will accomplish things with or without me. And yet…

And why does it seem like some must spend ALL their time fighting for their life? I think of my precious father who is confined to his hospital bed, sometimes fighting for his breath, sometimes in excruciating pain, sometimes without a single person to be with him. He is using every minute – every second – of his life, fighting to be able to live one more day, to be able to wonder how he will find the time to mow the grass, take the car to the shop, and shop for groceries.

And yet, my sweet daddy KNOWS that the Lord has him in the palm of His loving hand. He KNOWS that the Lord is present with him through every needle prick and every beep of the monitors. He KNOWS that the Lord watches over him when he tries to rest enough to fall asleep. And yet…

The older I get I realize time is so precious. I think most young folks don’t understand the complexities of time. They live each day, doing what they think needs to be done, without a care in the world. Not understanding that some of us older folk would relish a day of high school, even if we still don’t understand that Algebra problem! Time is certainly precious and each one of us is given a certain amount of it on this earth. We are to be, as in everything else in life, a good steward of the time we have. We each have twenty-four hours each day, but some have more years than others in order to accomplish what we have been placed on the earth to accomplish.

So, what is to be done? I know what the answer is, but for most of us it eludes us since we want to be the master of our time.

Here’s the solution –

Before we even get out of bed in the morning I must acknowledge that every minute given to me is the Lord’s. I am merely a steward of it. Then, I must ask the Lord to impress upon me what things are not in His plan to accomplish that day. He will make a way to complete those tasks that He deems are priority. How do I know this? Because I have actually done this before and it HAS worked.

I don’t want to put time in a bottle, I want to put time in the hands of the One who created time.