A few days ago I posted a blog about monthlies – setting up a calendar. Today I want to get a little more specific and hone in on the week.

As in previous examples of the monthly calendar, there are several ways of laying out a weekly spread. There are some who, again, are very minimalistic, and others who prefer to dress it up in a fancy dress and shoes before they are done. Some like to include tasks and goals, and others like to include weather forecasts and trackers. As I have stated before, you will learn what is important to you and it might take a few tries before you are able to fall in to a routine.

Here are a few examples I have found on Pinterest:

Bullet journal weekly layout spread:

My weekly layout keeps me focused and is really the heart of my #bulletjournal system.:

Ready for next week. Decided to keep the same weekly spread but I added some colour to it.:

I like this version of a weekly layout - https://www.instagram.com/p/BCYFG5thnXP/:

“#planwithmechallenge Day 15: Focusing  I'm trying out a new weekly spread in my #bulletjournal this week. This won't be replacing my dailies but rather a…”:


Weekly layout:

And here is one final one – mine. Please remember that I have a large notebook so I can fit so much more on my layout that fits in the smaller ones.


As you can see, I have the days of the week and a small water bottle so I can track how much water I should be drinking each day. I have TONS of space to make notes, write Bible verses, collect quotes, etc. I found that if I put the weather forecast on the next day, it would inevitably be wrong, so I scrapped it. I didn’t really care about that one aspect anyway. Weather can be so unpredictable.

Also, just a quick note – that was last week’s spread. I have changed it already and I will probably tweak it again the week after. I will post my new spread later  in the week.

So, there you have it.

What did you think of these spreads. Did you find something that inspired you?

Post your pictures to share with me in the comments below. I would LOVE to see your progression!



One thought on “Weeklies

  1. Those are all so beautifully done, I thought I would post my messy weekly. Just getting going on this and blessed already. P1260460.JPG


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