I really like shock appeal, huh?

Today I would like to take just a few minutes to address another component in your Bullet Journal – the monthly calendar. In the Bullet Journal community, these are called monthlies.

So, again, as with everything that I have stated before, the calendar is done to what works for you. It might take a few different tries, but you will eventually find your niche.

So here are a few examples that I pulled off of Pinterest. You can see that there are different styles and degrees of complexity. There are grid calendars as well as list ones. It will depend on your preference, which one you use.

Some are basic and others will include a goals list or a task lists. Some have also included a “tracker.” More on that later.

On the list of pretty things I won't be making.....  I don't need a better system, I need art classes! (and a better system) ~T:

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread:

Monthly Spread Stencil Bullet Journal Stencil fits by Moxiedori:

minimalist-study: “ 2016 bullet journal!! i did a yearly overview (inspired by x) and a january monthly spread in my moleskine squared notebook (ridiculously priced but it’s sO CUTE) i will be posting updates of my bullet journal as the year goes...:

The monthly spread from this Bullet Journal is fantastic! I like that it's a regular calendar so I can pull information from it quickly since it's a known format. There's still room for those monthly to-dos and having the monthly habit tracker on the same page is interesting, although I'm leaning toward giving that its own page.:

“#planwithmechallenge Day 2: February Monthly  Think I've figured out how I'd like to have my monthly intro spread. Wanted a list calendar to put events /…”:

You can see that some have used lots of color, yet others have decided to keep it simple. The goal of the bullet journal is to make your life simple, not complicate it.

Maybe you like to have a larger grid-style and want to use the entire two-page spread for that. Then you can use the next pages for your tasks and goals.

So, what do you think? It is your turn now. Show me what you are working on! Oh, and don’t forget to continue to number your pages and include this in your index.

And if you don’t mind, if you are enjoying this blog, please let me know. I would like to know if you would like to continue learning about bullet journaling.


One thought on ““Monthlies”

  1. Funny, that being an artist doesn’t make you a bullet journal artist. Mine is messy to me and not right yet but I am getting there for my first one. I love the color and calligraphy but for me this is about simplifying my life so I am trying to do that. Playing with the washi tape and erasable colored pencils and such. But since I keep a Bible and prayer journal as well, I most likely will keep it simple. Thanks Petra for getting me started!


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