Where To Start

OK – some of you might be wondering why I chose this graphic to start this post. Well, first of all, any time I can find something Italian I gravitate towards that. Second of all, for those that don’t know what this is, it is the creation of man painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I cried when I saw it in person.

So, anyway….This is where we are going to start – at the beginning. The creation. The creation of your very own bullet journal. Something only YOU can do. I hope you have your supplies. But even if you don’t, not to worry. keep reading and maybe you will get some more ideas and it will buy you a little time,

Let’s start here. This is a quick overview of how the idea of bullet journaling got its start. A man named Ryder Carroll put ideas together. What did you think of that video? Is it something that you think might be interested in?

One of the bigger names in the bullet journaling community is a woman by the name of Kara Benz. She has a company called BoHo Berry and has a blog and YouTube channel. She is the first one I started watching and reading about, so many of my ideas I got were from her. But…..

….since then I have watched dozens of YouTube videos and have seem so many great ideas that I am so excited to share with you. I also have pictures from my own bullet journal and I am hoping you all will share with me what you have learned and discovered.

How many of you have one of these tucked away in your purse? Is it big enough?

Do you have a calendar hanging in your kitchen somewhere, maybe on your refrigerator? Do you have another one at your desk? And what about all of those post-it notes of things that you need to remember to do? Are they scattered all over – like the video showed? Do you have a journal? Is it hard to keep track of everything because you are constantly duplicating everything to each calendar?


That is what bullet journaling is all about – keeping everything paper-related in one place where is make sense to YOU.

If you want to make sure that your information is in your notebook is safe and will not be lost, I suggest you put your name and contact information on the first page. Some people even offer a reward if it is found. I supposed that would be a good idea if you have valuable information in it.

So, let’s get started. The first thing you are going to want to do is have an index. So, on the first sheet of your notebook, after your name page, write “Index” at the top. Now some notebooks might already have that. If so, that is great! Less work for you. Do not number down the left side just yet. That will come in a bit.

Here is what mine looks like after I messed it up and then covered it with another page. IMG_6327

Next you are going to want to have some kind of “calendar” with the days. Start with this month. Don’t wait until the beginning of the year to start your journal. Have fun now. The video did NOT show this being done, but I find it helpful in the long run.

Here is how I did it, but you might watch some videos and come up with your own way, or you might find a small calendar in the store you can cut out and tape in.


See? I started in July. Depending on how big your journal is, yours might take up less space. I happen to have a large Leuchtturm 1917. (Just because I like it.) Remember, each of us is at a different place, so don’t be concerned about not have what someone else has.

Now, we need to do a future log. The purpose of this is just so we can get a better view of each month and specific things we need to remember. This is how I did mine, but remember, you might want to do it another way. Maybe you want to have more room to write stuff for each month and so you will have more pages dedicated to this.


Now the last thing for today is that you are going to start numbering your pages. Go back to your calendar and start there. Then add them to your index.

OK – now you can go back and add things to your pages if you want to. Color? stickers? quotes? Or nothing at all. It is totally up to you. Don’t forget to spend some time adding your things to remember to each month. Post pictures in the comments and let’s see! Nobody is judging – let’s see how different each of us is. This will be fun!


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