The Cleanser and the Mess

Sharing a  “shower-secret” seems a little revealing, but this morning, my time in the shower revealed a truth that has a deeper meaning.

I have a large bottle of cleanser on the top corner shelf of my shower stall. It is a facial cleanser that I use every time I wash my face. But I keep coming in and finding that it leaked and made a mess on the shelves beneath it. As I cleaned it off for the umpteenth time this morning, I got to thinking about how this seemingly innocent bottle was a reflection of my life.

The bottle is not at all full of product and yet it acts like it is too fuImage result for shower stallll to keep all of the product in its container. It looks at me, mocking me, as it drips it’s expensive content out as if to say, “So what are you going to do about it?” I get a washcloth and clean it up and watch another drop begin to form.

Pressure. That’s what it is. Just plain ol’ pressure.

I wasn’t very good in science in school, but what I do remember from some high school class is that when the pressure from the outside exceed the pressure pushing back from the inside, the inside goes “out.” Follow?

Of course you probably have already figured out what took me years to fully understand, but there it is. My life. The pressures in my life tend to be pressuring me to force things out of my mouth that really shouldn’t come out. Only, unlike the cleanser, the words that escape and drip, are not “cleansing”, they are sometimes mean and caustic. They harmful and regretful.

So, if I look to that bottle for the solution, what do I find. Well, I know thins might be a stretch, but allow me to run with my thought here. If I deliberately dispense what I need from that bottle on a regular basis, the dripping doesn’t happen as often, or at all. So MAYBE what I need to be doing is going to the “source” of the “cleanser” (the Word) on a regular basis and taking something from it so that when the normal pressures of life come along, the “bad” stuff won’t leak out.?

Yes, I know it’s a stretch, but that’s how my mind works.

Have a blessed day! And may the pressure of life be less than that pressure inside your spirit.



One thought on “The Cleanser and the Mess

  1. I love how God uses the simple to confound the wise 🙂 He has such a sense of humor, too! 🙂 Thanks for the reflection, Petra–a good word!


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