For those that follow my blog, I thought I should give you an update on something that happened today.  It will move you as it did me, and it served as a confirmation to me from the Lord that my message is timely.

Today is Derby Day. And living less than 45 miles from Churchill Downs serves as an instant camaraderie between residents of this area in Kentucky. My co-worker and I had donned our hats and were chatting away in the office when I decided to read my most recent blogs to her. At first I read the one on Grandmothers and then I read the one on Moms. I had totally forgotten that there was a woman hidden behind my computer screen.

When I finished reading the blog I had written entitled “Mama Mia”, I heard sniffling. I peeked around the corner to find this woman crying. “I lost my mother about seven years ago,” she said.

I was flustered. I was upset with myself for making this woman weep in the middle of the office. I turned to my co-worker to see her response. She was more flummoxed than I was. Usually when I find myself in situations such as these I get chatty and say things that are nonsensical. Not this time. This time I just looked at her and held my tongue. Her pain was raw and I couldn’t say anything.

It felt like eternity, but it was only about fifteen seconds later that she continued telling us that she and her mother were very close and it was a sudden death. She had younger siblings that were too young to have remembered their mother as she had. She was the oldest and missed their mother the most. I could not express true empathy – I had never experienced the death of a parents, and frankly, I never want to. There was something so sweet about this woman, though. Despite her tears there was something drawing me in, keeping quiet, and allowing her to grieve a little.

“Your kids are awful.” She finally broke the silence. She continued to speak with more energy now, more indignation, at the way my kids had been treating me. That one day they would regret treating me so poorly and she said she hoped it wouldn’t be on my death bed that they recognized their abominable behavior towards me.

Now I was in tears. This woman had overheard my heart being poured out in my blog and had taken it personally. She had identified with me from an angle I had not considered. We were kindred spirits, this woman and I.

She left the office, but not before I came from behind my desk and gave her a big hug. She held me like she was holding on for dear life. She sobbed in my ear, “Happy Mother’s Day.” I returned the sentiment and she left.

The Lord validated me and my ministry in those few moments. He assured me that my blog-writing is not in vain. He gave me the confidence that even though I might be having a rough day and my writing may not be as “good” as a professional’s, He is using my availability in order to reach others. What a sweet Lord I serve.



9 thoughts on “Follow-Up

  1. Petra – He was speaking to you through her heart. Do not give up this work He has called for you to continue. I always read your messages and feel strengthened by what you have to share.

    I am so thankful to have you as my friend and sister in Christ. If we were close to each other right now there would be another hug! j


  2. I just love it when God confirms to us that we are on the right path in His service. That what we are doing for Him is being received and blessing others! Thank you for sharing, Petra, and remember…writing is s “craft” that can be learned. Story telling from the heart is a gift that God has certainly bestowed on you as evidenced by this blog and its story. This cannot be learned, but is a gift.

    Study your craft and show yourself approved. When I started writing with Ron (almost 30 years ago) I made every mistake a new writer is likely to make. I’ve edited 100s of manuscripts since becoming a professional editor in 2001 and know that beginners almost always make the same mistakes. POV, passive voice, telling instead of showing. All that can be learned…and if you dig in, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll absorb what there is to know. And you have many author mentor-friends to help explain things along the way!

    I can empathize with you on being treated poorly by a child…but when they are adults, we pray and must allow them to make their own choices. They get to. They are adults, and theier choices are between them and God. He is the only One Who can change hearts. I always pray that my daughter will not reap what she has sown and know the pain she has caused the one who loves her most with an unconditional love. Love and hugs! :

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    1. Caryl, I find myself so blessed to have you as an encouragement in my life! I cannot count the number of times that the Lord has spoken through your words to give me just the right message. Thank you for supporting me and saying such kind things about my writing. It seems that that Lord has an interesting way of getting me where He needs me to be in order to use me. I just pray that I will honor Him.

      Love and Huggs, my dear friend!

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  3. Oh, Petra, this is so beautiful! Minister and be ministered to. That is God’s way. We may not endure all the same pain, but emotional pain can be felt just the same. Amen to what Caryl says. You have the heart and it comes out in your blog. Just like all the different books and blogs out there, the authors are varied. Some are humorous. Some in depth with scripture, some storytellers, some poetic and some word painters. But God is author of them all.

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    1. Thank you, my dear friend! It takes all kinds to minister to all kinds, doesn’t it? I am finding more and more that I need the fellowship of my sisters to keep me focused on the task the Lord has set before me! Love and huggs!

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  4. What an opportunity you had in doing this blog. It was not an ‘accident’. God uses all things for His glory! Great job & keep up your writing. it is a gift God has give to you.
    Love, Aunt Jan


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