This past weekend my dear aunt had back surgery and I was very disturbed by the fact that I could not be there to help her recuperate. I am that kind of person – I actually enjoy helping my sweet family members get back on their feet after a difficult time. That being said, my aunt loves the show Downton Abbey. She has great taste in just about everything and so I decided I couldn’t go without watching it.

Hope you enjoy this little tidbit from a few years back….


Originally posted 4-16-13

Ok…I’m just gonna put it out there and admit it…I am addicted to Downton Abbey.  Whew!  Boy does that feel good!  (I just hope and pray that I will incur more addicts to come out of the closet and not have judgement raining down on my beautifully coiffed hair!)

Firstly, I never fancied myself a fan of that time period, but who knew that this era is very similar in its struggles and challenges?  Secondly, I didn’t even know that British television had series shows!  (Who influenced whom?)  And thirdly, I have always preferred the BBC productions of my beloved Jane Austen’s stories.  Why wouldn’t I prefer their television?

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each of the characters and wondering how they will react next.  I see a little of myself in each of the female characters.  Let’s start with Sybil (spoiler warning!) – yes, she did die, but I loved the way she lovingly crossed all social and economic borders.  I could so see myself traipsing down that long staircase to dinner in a flamboyant outfit, just to stir up a little trouble!  Then there is Edith.  Who knew there was a witch inside such a classy woman!  I think that somehow her “evil-ness” came back around and bit her square in the rear.  BUT…there is such a compassionate side in her that sees beyond what they eye can see and looks to the heart.  I could see myself being catty toward a good friend and then turning around and assisting someone with a handicap in the hospital.  Mary is somehow like princess of the story, isn’t she?  She expects things to go precisely as she demands and she pouts when someone doesn’t abide her wishes.  Oh boy!  Don’t even get me started on how that is so like me! (Be forewarned, Gerald.)  Lady Grantham?  Well, truth be told, she is least like me….but that’s ok.  Someone has to be a little different, right? Oh, and let’s not forget the dowager countess!  Violet is so spunky and forthright in every opinion.  The only difference in her and me is that she has the wisdom behind the biting comments and sarcastic quips.  I get into infinite trouble precisely because I DON’T use wisdom!

Oh well…

So during this down time I am determined to find every book that vaguely resembles that time period – and I already have a long list – and diligently read!  Who knows, maybe I might even be able to guess, by the time the new season starts, who the next character to get killed off will be! (I must admit I hope it’s that Mrs. Crawley! Why is she there anyway?)

Until the next season starts, good day to you and here’s hoping you will fine a rip-roaring time between now and then!  You can be assured that I will have more to say on this subject as I watch  season 3 for the third time and read all my new wonderful books!

Your friend,


P.S. Of course, since I originally posted this, the show has ended and it was everything I had hoped it would be. It was a sweet obsession and I am on to my next time-consumer.


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