Originally Posted May 2013 (Things haven’t changed much)

A person could walk into my home and spot my obsessions fairly easily – even if I try and cover them, hide them, and bury them.  I LOVE movies/TV and books.  But one genre you will not find in my collection of movies is documentaries.  And in my book collection you will find that my fiction collection far outweighs the non-fiction. Why? That is a very good question.

It’s not that I don’t want to learn anything. But at the same time, one could look at my non-fiction bookshelf and see that I am more interested in bettering myself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Unfortunately, I look at the titles adorning that shelf and I really can’t say I have improved much.  Sad, but true. And what of the movies?  Well, I have exercise DVD’s that would serve better as coasters for that tall glass of sweet tea!  My favorite “non-fiction” movies are those that transport me to another country.  Or maybe to another hobby.  You may have guessed, through previous blogs, that I totally enjoy cooking. But I also love decorating.  In fact, at one point I thought of getting my degree in interior design.  Well, that didn’t happen.

And what of my fiction shelf? Well, I do appreciate good writing, but at the same time I like to be transported to another time or place.  You will find a variety of authors and titles, perched precariously on that tall shelf – mostly because I have separated those books I have not read yet from the “read” ones (and the stack is getting taller by the day).  I have been asked to read new genres.  I have attempted that, truly, but I don’t get very far.  They just don’t take me to places that I enjoy.  Know what I mean? 

The most meaningful books and movies are those that cause me to either re-evaluate myself or cause me to change in some way.  Yes, I do get that from fiction.  Yesterday I watched a movie that caused me to really think about my writing.  Does my writing imitate life or does my life imitate my writing?  I look on that last sentence and I am blown away!  It’s like that common question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  Well, I will tell you that my “Journey” blog definitely comes after my living life.  It is a consequence of my choices, good or bad.  But some of my fiction writing…well, that may be another story.  Am I writing scenes that I hope one day to live?  Am I formulating characters that I hope to become? 

Things that make me say “Hmmmmm….”

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One thought on “Obsessions

  1. Yes, Petra! We do show ourselves by our stuff. I am just like you. Transport me into an interesting place and speak to my heart and life about God. That is what I love and that is what I do. And now we await your turn to do what you love! We all write out of our own hearts.


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