Be True to Yourself

Originally posted December 2012

What do people mean by the phrase “Be true to yourself”?  I’m not sure I ever lie to myself.  And does it mean I can me untrue to others?  I’m not sure I really get it.  Seriously, I think I know what they are trying to imply.  “Do what you want to do and don’t worry about what anyone thinks.”  But is that Biblical?  That’s the real question, isn’t it?  If I decide to be true to myself does that give me an excuse for my actions, even if they don’t line up with the Word?

What I am going to interpret that phrase to mean is this, “Take a good look at yourself and what your true character is. Act on that.”  If my true character has me as a selfish person, I will act on a matter no matter the consequences.  If my true character is that of kindness, I will act on a matter, but it will be difficult for me because I try to spare another’s feelings.  The matter must be acted on no matter what your character.

Let me give an example, if I may.  Let’s say I am offered two different jobs.  The first job has me working in a small cubicle working with numbers.  The pay is a little above minimum wage and benefits. The second job has me working with people in customer service and pays.  Many people in this economy would take the job that paid more, right?  But what if I is was introvert?  Would taking a job in customer service be “true to oneself”?  I think not.  And if I accepted that job, who would benefit from that act?  Possibly nobody.

What is my character?  What do I believe?  What desires has the Lord lain on my heart?  Am I being “true to myself” in all things?  Or am I merely doing the best that I think I can and hoping that things will just “work out?”  Who am I hurting when I am not being true to myself?  I am hurting others around me.  I am not being honest in all my actions and words. I am hurting myself.  I will eventually regret so many acts.  In a way, I am lying to myself and to others, am I not?

So, today, I want to make a commitment to ensure that I know WHO I am and WHOSE I am.  Then once I truly understand that, move forward in being “true to myself” and others.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Be True to Yourself

  1. Good thought-provoking words, Petra. Thanks for getting my attention and making me ponder who I truly am and my responsibility for my actions. j


  2. Thank you Petra for this post. It is a question that I have been asking all my life. Who am I? Life complicates this questions with many answers because I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an employee, etc. The Greatest and truest answer however is that I am God’s daughter, greatly loved and hugged each day by the Father. If I am grounded in that knowledge then I can be all those other things too because God loved me first. That is what I think is being true to myself.


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