Too much pain

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My heart is hurting for so many women around me right now.

There are women who are struggling with depression, having no one to turn to for consolation. They struggle every day just to get out of bed and get to work. They hide behind a pasted-on smile, hoping nobody asks them if they are okay; because they know at that point they would have to break down and cry. 

There are women who go to work in so much physical pain, but they cannot show it for fear of losing their jobs. They have mouths to feed and bills to pay, and these women know that they cannot give an inch to the agony that dwells inside their muscles and bones. 

There are women who have been betrayed. Friends who claim to be allies and yet turn and slander their characters on social media or in the workplace. These ladies have difficulty sharing so much as a cup of coffee with someone for fear of having their trust broken. 

There are women who cry themselves to sleep every night because their husbands have quit loving them. They struggle through every day facing problems that they never knew existed – death of dreams, not being able to trust another man, weighing out the cost of forgiveness. These women have been abandoned by the one person who had promised never to betray or leave them.

And there are women who hurting because of death – death of a husband, death of a child, death of an unborn child. Yes, death is final in the carnal sense, but the intense agony in living while your loved one is not…this is a pain I can never imagine. 

So, all of this said, I will repeat…My heart aches for these women. I want to help. And if the only way I can help is by letting each one know that you have a friend, a listening ear, encouraging words, I would be honored to help.

And as a friend recently reminded me, If all I can do is pray, then that is the absolute BEST thing I can do!

This blog is going to be one way I can reach out to women. I believe I have been called to write, and write I shall! The Lord impressed upon me recently that if I can only reach one person, that is enough. I hope to be a light in the midst of your darkness. I have had my share of struggles, and I will share some of those with you on this new journey. Hopefully we will all gain a new understanding of what it means to share in each others joys and sorrows.

I am in the process of writing a book. It will tell a hard tale. It is my tale and I am determined that if I can get my story out there it might help someone who is hurting to see the light and get out of a painful situation. 


4 thoughts on “Too much pain

  1. Petra – this is a beautiful, well-written blog that comes straight from your heart. You are reaching out to so many by sharing your love and concern. I am so glad to have you as a friend and sister in Christ. God bless you as you continue to use our God-given talents to His glory. j


    1. Thank you, Joyce. That is so appreciated. My heart does go out to women and I pray that the words I use in my writing can help bring hope, healing, or encouragement to those who need it. If I can help one woman avoid the pain that this life brings, I am going to continue serving in this capacity.


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